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Mark Stokes » HISD Transfer Request Process

HISD Transfer Request Process

The HISD Transfer Request Process must be completed annually.
Transfer Process:
Please read all of the following before making a selection.
  • Select the appropriate transfer option listed on the right
  • Complete the form or paperwork by the deadline
  • The deadline for HISD transfer requests is August 5, 2022. You will be notified of the decision by August 9, 2021.
  • The HISD Late Transfer request will open on September 5, 2022, and will close on September 9, 2021.
  • The HISD Inter-District request is open for students outside the HISD school district and must be approved by the Superintendent.
Transfer Guidelines:
If approved the student must follow the following or the request will be rescinded. 
  • Attendance must be maintained at 90% and all notes must be turned into the office
  • Students must follow classroom rules and not be a disruption
  • Students must follow the Student Code of Conduct
The campus will communicate with the parent if the student is not complying with the guidelines and will make a plan of action that the student will need to follow before the decision to approve the transfer is rescinded.