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District Curriculum Expectations Overview      

Everything we do as a district can and should be viewed through the lens of the student. The driving force behind our curriculum alignment and management efforts is student learning and student achievement. A guaranteed and viable curriculum that is supported vertically and horizontally across every campus is vitally important to this effort.

  • Systemically, our curriculum should be as free as possible from random variation
    • Random variation creates gaps in curriculum which leads to student’s seeing less academic success as they continue from grade to grade
  • HISD Curriculum should create equitable opportunity for student learning from classroom to classroom and campus to campus
    • What is taught should look the same in each classroom visited
    • How it is taught will vary teacher by teacher based on student needs
  • Professionals within the HISD curriculum system are committed to horizontal and vertical alignment to ensure success across the entire spectrum of a student’s academic career in Hereford and beyond. Our district curriculum management plan, along with our curriculum house and triangle models, help to guide both students and staff through that journey.
  • ALL MEANS ALL- our curricular framework centers on the district beliefs and principles that we hold true. It is those beliefs and principles that guide everything we do regarding curriculum.
  • HISD Portrait of a Graduate- this is the end result of our efforts as a district. All of our curricular and instructional systems should begin with this end in mind.