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Hereford Independent School District

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About HISD

We are very proud of our schools. The Hereford Independent School District is one of the oldest in the Texas Panhandle and was established more than 100 years ago. Today, still with the same innovative spirit, we continue to be dedicated to excellence in education as we serve the needs of our students.

Location: Hereford has a population of approximately 15,000 and is located in the Texas panhandle 45 miles southwest of Amarillo and 100 miles north of Lubbock.

Our physical address is: 601 N. 25 Mile Avenue, Hereford, Texas 79045 Phone: (806) 363-7600 Fax: (806) 363-7699

HISD is Committed to Children and Dedicated to Excellence

Spanning over 900 square miles, the district serves the educational needs of over 4,000 children and their families. Teaching begins for children as young as 3 years old in the Hereford Head Start Program and continues for students through the twelfth grade. Student and school patrons benefit from a wide range of educational services and programs. From the regular educational programs to those designed for special populations, our goal is to provide learning opportunities that will maximize the potential for all children to be successful. These include programs in special education, gifted and talented, and special language instruction. The district also offers educational programs to meet the needs of 'at-risk' students which includes not only small classes and instructional modifications, but also a strong parental involvement component that links the school and the home in a common effort and goal.

Each Child - One at a Time!

The school system employs over 650 employees. Half of them are professional administrators or teaching practitioners while the rest are support staff personnel, all dedicated to student excellence and academic achievement. We are committed to providing the very best in educational opportunity to all of our students. Although we have over 4,000 students in our school district, we still provide education to each child - one at a time.

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