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Welcome to the HISD Assessment
Resource Page

The​ ​Assessed​ ​Curriculum


Formative and summative student performance data is needed to support decisions about the design and delivery of curriculum. As stated in HISD board policy EG (LOCAL): District staff shall design and use a variety of assessment approaches in determining the effectiveness of the planned and written curriculum, the taught curriculum, and instructional programs. Periodic reports shall be made to the Board concerning these assessments.


The assessed curriculum shall include the following components:


  • State-level assessments as required;
  • District curriculum-based assessments that document, record, and report the degree to which students are demonstrating mastery of the written curriculum;
  • An assessment approach developed for all grade levels and core courses;
  • A data management system at the classroom-, campus-, and District-levels in order to inform instructional planning, assessment and placement, instructional delivery and program evaluation; and
  • A program evaluation component that guides program redesign around the District curriculum, as well as program delivery.