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Hereford ISD is committed to developing and maintaining high standards for its athletic programs and athletes that shall extend from the playing arena, to the classroom and into the community. Representing Hereford High School as an athlete is a privilege, not a right, and shall be maintained with great expectations and responsibility at all times.
We wish to develop each individual athlete to his/her potential.  That development is dependent upon many factors: hard work, unselfish commitment, desire to compete, goal setting, discipline, mental toughness, physical preparation, organization, teamwork and dedication to excellence. Athletes, coaches, teachers and parents must all work together to achieve the highest levels of success. The individual growth each athlete experiences should also foster a unifying force that binds a group together for the good of the whole. The success of a team must be the ultimate goal of any athlete at any level.
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BrendaKitten Adam Naron
Brenda Kitten
Girls Athletic Director
Adam Naron
Boys Athletic Director