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Hereford Independent School District

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Latest News

Hereford ISD 2022-2023 Registration

Hereford ISD is pleased to announce that registration for the 2022-2023 school year will once again be completely online for both returning and new students.

2022 TEA Parent Survey For Special Education

It’s time for TEA’s Special Education Parent Involvement Survey! If you have a student receiving special
education services you may have been selected to participate! Check if you received an email or contact
support@gibonsonconsult.com or call 512-685-2697 to participate.

¡Es el momento de la Encuesta de TEA sobre la participación de los padres en la educación especial! Si
tiene un hijo que recibe servicios de educación especial, ¡es posible que haya sido elegido para
participar! Revise si recibió un email o puede escribir a support@gibonsonconsult.com o llamar al (512)
685-2694 para participar.

2021-2022 Return to School Plan

Return to school
Hereford ISD is committed to ensuring students have an equitable experience, access to high quality instruction and are engaged in the learning, therefore Hereford ISD will only provide in-person, on campus instruction for all students. The following expectations will guide our instructional decisions as we begin the 2021-2022 school year.