HISD Transfer Request Process

The HISD Transfer Request Process must be completed annually.

Transfer Process:

The Attendance Lines were adopted at the June HISD board meeting. The lines were last adjusted in 2018-19 when Tierra Blanca was closed for remodeling. As we were working with the Templeton Agency to redraw our lines to make our schools more equitable, we found that we had some schools that had more students than space in the school and we were having to force transfer over 200 students. In order to fix the issue we not only had to redraw the attendance lines, but we also have to adjust our transfer policy. It is imperative that students attend in the attendance zone they live in.

Here is how the transfer process will work:

  • Pick up a 2023-24 Transfer Request Form from the HISD administration building or at HCAL.

  • Complete the form and return it to the Superintendent's office by noon on July 31st

  • The committee will meet to determine the status of the request on July 31st

  • Families will be notified by 5:00 PM on August 5th

  • There will not be a late transfer process

Transfer Guidelines:

  • Attendance had to be 90% or better in 2022-23

  • No ISS placements

  • No DAEP placements

  • Passing grades in all subjects

  • No discipline issues

  • Positive parental support

  • Must have an educational based reason

The campus will communicate with the parent if the student is not complying with the guidelines and will make a plan of action that the student will need to follow before the decision to approve the transfer is rescinded. 

Who Needs to Request a Transfer:

  • Latchkey students 

  • HISD Employees wanting to transfer their students to the campus they work 

  • Any family with an educational based reason to request

  • Any 5th-grade student that would like to stay at the campus they were enrolled in last year (This is a 5th-grade clause only and doesn't include K-4 students)

  • Any student involved in an ARD just needs to verify with Joy KIlan and her department will notify the Student Service Department to notify them of the change in placement

Contact Information

Mark Stokes