HISD Transfer Request Process

The HISD Transfer Request Process must be completed annually.

Transfer Process:

The process will be a Google Form that must be completed online. The transfer window will be April 8,2024 through May 5, 2024. There will not be a late transfer process. It is imperative that students attend the elementary school where they live. This will help build the necessary school family support for student success.

Here is how the transfer process will work:

  • Complete the form online by May 5th

  • Families will be notified by 5:00 PM on August 5th

  • There will not be a late transfer process

Transfer Guidelines:

  • Attendance had to be 90% or better in 2023-2024

  • No ISS placements

  • No DAEP placements

  • Passing grades in all subjects

  • No discipline issues

  • Positive parental support

  • Must have an educational based reason


Who Needs to Request a Transfer:

  • Latchkey students 

  • HISD Employees wanting to transfer their students to the campus they work 

  • Any family with an educational based reason to request

  • SPED students will be determined in the student’s annual ARD and will be communicated to the registration office.


Contact Information

Mark Stokes